COCO Coffee Receives 2 Bronze awards at the 2015 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show

COCO Coffee Receives 3 Bronze awards at the 2016 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show

COCO Coffee Receives 2 Bronze awards at the 2016 RASV International Coffee Awards

COCO Coffee Received 2 Bronze awards at the 2016 Compak Golden Bean Australia Competition

COCO Coffee Received 1 Bronze award at the 2017 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show


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"hand roasted to order coffees"

Quality Award Winning Arabica coffees freshly roasted to order by people who are passionate about what they do.

"a perfect coffee is a hassle-free coffee."

We are a leading quality-orientated boutique coffee roaster who is passionate about creating beautiful roasted coffee blends and products to suit your personal or business needs. All our roasted coffee brands have been created so that you could share in our love of coffee, from sourcing the finest coffees from estates and cooperatives around the world to roasting them in small batches.

"outstanding customer service"

At Cafeina Roasters every customer is important regardless of size, so we pride ourselves in ensuring that each and every customer receives a quality product time after time. The company's core mission has been to produce the finest and freshest roasted coffee beans possible and deliver products and service that are unparalleled in the marketplace. Our five guiding principles are: - Quality, Freshness, Value, Service, and Commitment -

"not, just a cup of coffee"

All our roasted coffee beans are processed and packed at our HQ which is based in South-western Sydney, NSW, Australia

“be part of the journey"