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Cafeina Roasters is a boutique coffee roaster that is committed to delivering a superior product to match the Australian taste and budget time after time. We source quality coffee beans from various origins and states around the world and blend them to create a unique sensory experience.

We also offer a diverse range of Single Origin coffees for those that enjoy the pleasure of experiencing the distinct flavour profiles of a particular coffee estate or country.

The company’s core mission has been to produce the finest and freshest roasted coffee beans possible and deliver products and service that are unparalleled in the marketplace. Our five guiding principles – Quality, Freshness, Value, Service, and Commitment – ensure that no one should ever have to settle for “just” a cup of coffee… rather, everyone should be able to enjoy coffee that has been brewed using fresh roasted premium coffee beans.

Cafeina Roasters is a leading quality-oriented boutique coffee roaster that prides itself on paying attention to every detail of a coffee’s journey, from sourcing the finest coffees from estates and cooperatives around the world to roasting them in small batches.

Our multi-brands approach means that we are able to supply Single Origin and Blended roasted coffees to suit all kinds of tastes and budgets.


January 2016

How We Got Started

Cafeina Roasters Pty Ltd was established in 2012 by its founders, Fernando Cortijo and Don Maximiliano Franco; Master Roasters, Coffee Connoisseurs and now Coffee Traders. All our roasted coffees are processed and packed at our HQ which is based in South-western Sydney, NSW, Australia.

March 2017

Our Journey

The COCO brand (Established in 2009) was acquired by Cafeina Roaster Pty Ltd in July of 2012, a brand committed to premium quality 100% Arabica Espresso. Our fondness for a great Stone Ground Turkish coffee lead us to the RICCO brand (Established in 2008) and acquired by Cafeina Roasters Pty Ltd in July of 2013 and it has now developed its own distinctive Minas Santos and Arabica/Robusta Espresso lines.

May 2017

The Cafeina Roasters team

The team at Cafeina Roasters Pty Ltd (100% Australian owned and family operated) are a fortunate group of people who live their passion for coffee every day. They are untiring to excel at producing high quality roasted coffee products for their customers.

With over 45 years of combined experience in Gastronomy and large manufacturing venues both founders bring their expertise in HACCP, GMP and quality control measures to ensure a high level of consistency to every product that is produced at Cafeina Roasters Pty Ltd.

July 2017

Hand-On Roasting

We take a “hands-on” approach with all our coffees. Each coffee is roasted individually in small batches which we believe is the best way to unlock a coffee’s true potential. Our “Drum Roasters” provide remarkably even heat distribution and control. Unlike computerised roasters “hands-On Roasting” allow us to adjust the roast profile of each individual coffee at the precise time so that outside variables like humidity, temperature and barometric pressure never negatively impact upon our roasts.

Been “hands-on” provides the opportunity to respond immediately to changes in the roasting process by sight, smell and sound so as to capture just the right flavours at just the right moment.

August 2017


We roast to meet demand which means that the same roasted coffee that we retail, we also wholesale. In fact we don’t warehouse any roasted coffee beans at all.

Each day we plan a our new coffee roasting list according to what roasted coffees are required to meet wholesale, retail and Internet customer demand that day. So the roasted coffee beans you order today will be fresh roasted every time.

November 2017


Our wholesale division is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality coffee products and outstanding customer service.

Our operational efficiency and devotion to quality coffee ensures the lowest price possible for the complete service.

However if there are some elements of service not required by the customer, the price can be lowered commensurately.

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